Coding is essential for the performance of our robot in competition. We actively look for new resources and tools to increase the capability and maneuverability our robot, Kevin, possesses. The IDE we use is Android Studio to gain access to more community built tools. The most prevalent tools we use is the OpenCV library for vision, custom functions to program movement quickly, distance and touch sensors to make adapt to subtle inconsistencies, and PID algorithms to make sure every movement our robot Clark takes is straight, accurate, and adaptable.

Main Aspects


PID is the control feedback loop that the Krypton Warriors use to move the robot without drift in both the Autonomous Period and the Tele-Op Period.

Enhanced Driver Controls

When driving, designated drivers of the Krypton Warriors are given controls to perfectly turn 90 degrees or slow down when necessary. In addition, the drivers' controllers have a decreased joystick sensitivity on low speeds so that the drivers can better control the robot.


OpenCV is a programming library that the Krypton Warriors use to detect an object. For the 2019-2020 FTC SKYSTONE Season, the Krypton Warriors utilized OpenCV to detect the SkyStones from the Stones in the Alliance-Specific Quarry.

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