At the beginning of our rookie season, we researched several FTC vendors, eventually chosing GoBilda. We use many Aluminum parts from there, but use many custom Aluminum, wood, or even 3D printed parts. Throughout the season, we build seperate robots and attachments, usually iterations of each other improving each time. We can regularly have 10 major rebuilds in a season. For example, our L.E.G. assembly during the 2019-2020 Skystone season went through many iterations before it reached the stage it is at now. Please feel free to look at the different parts of both the I.S.S (from the 2020-2021 Skystone season) and L.E.G. assemblies to see our progression.

I.S.S. Assembly

Intake Assembly

The intake has the function of gripping rings and bringing them into the Storage. We connected a high RPM motor via a spur gear at a slope to a well-supported shaft with flywheels. We added wheel covers doubling as funnels, and centered the attachment so that rings can easily slip in and be dragged into the storage.

Storage Assembly

The Storage has the function of storing and transporting a maximum of 3 rings from the intake to the shooter. A motor is attached to a bevel gear system, shifting 3D printed splines. These splines interact with a polyurethane rubber belt. It has a great elastic memory and efficiently grips the ring up a channel.

Shooter Assembly

The Shooter has the function of shooting the rings into the tower goals and at the power shot targets. After much experimentation, we decided on 2 flywheels powered by a single raw high RPM motor. The motor sits to the outside of a flywheel, connected via a spur gear. It connects to the other flywheel with a chain system. A servo in the middle of the storage and shooter turns to let in rings, soon shot.

L.E.G. Assembly

Lift Assembly

This sub-assembly has the function of lifting the Grabber up and down. This was needed so we could lift the stone up, to stack, but then also be able to retract to fit underneath the Skybridge.

Extend Assembly

This sub-assembly extended the entire L.E.G. assembly back and forth. This was done so we could fit inside the size limit when retracted but could also reach over the lip of the foundation when we needed to place stones.

Grabber Assembly

This is the part of our L.E.G. assembly that grabs the stone and also releases it onto the foundation. Using a V-shaped goRail, we used a dolly system with bearings to slide plates coated with a sticky material to grasp onto the stone.

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